Note Seasoning and Note Values

Here is something you might not have thought of…There’s not just one single item that determines the value of your real estate note. It's actually a combination of multiple variables including payment terms, interest rate, equity, property type, the buyer’s credit, and note seasoning. That last one, note seasoning, might sound a little cryptic, but really breaks down to being one of the biggest … [Read more...]

What are LTV and ITV in Note Investing?

Knowing the value of things is important—and real estate and mortgage notes are no different. Whether you are exploring offering seller financing or looking into selling a note, understanding the value what you are providing or own is paramount. Not only for your financial safety but for reselling down the road as well. What is LTV? Loan to Value, or LTV, is an indicator of potential … [Read more...]

What are ‘Face Rates’ and ‘Discounts’ On Notes?

If you're interested in seller financing or ready to sell your note, the terms ‘face rates’ and ‘discounts’ are probably words you have heard thrown around. If they aren’t, here’s an important quick overview. What is the Face Rate of a Note? Also known as the ‘present value,’ the face rate is simply the interest rate on the note and mortgage. The ideal face rate for a note depends on which … [Read more...]

Partnering with Financial Professionals in the Note Business

Partnering with financial professionals is a great way to help us, help you. Not only are you able to help your client, oftentimes you receive a referral fee…just for putting us in touch with a closing deal! Are you in any of these fields or know someone who is? Let’s talk! Real Estate Professionals Let’s face it: if there is a property sold, a real estate professional is probably … [Read more...]

When Is The Right Time To Sell Your Note?

It probably sounded like a great idea to carry back a note to help facilitate the sale of your property. Matter of fact, you might have been told that if your situation changes in the future, you could sell your note for a lump sum of cash. This might leave you wondering, when is the right time to sell your note? Does it matter what the traditional real estate market is doing? What about … [Read more...]

Selling A Mortgage Is Not Just About Price

One of the first questions a note seller asks is, “How much can I get for my note?” At the end of the day, that is what it is all about, right? Or is it? For some, selling a note is not just about price. For many people selling a note is about getting out of the hassle of collecting payments, dealing with defaulted buyers, reporting taxes, or having their money tied up for the length of … [Read more...]

Is it Time to Sell Your Note?

Every day people line up to sell the mortgage note they carried back from the sale of a home. Although some people keep the note for the entire term, usually, at some point, there comes a time to sell the note and receive a lump sum of cash. Why Carry Back a Note? Chances are you carried back a note because you had to. Most people would have preferred a full cash offer (and payment) for their … [Read more...]

What Is Real Estate Note Due Diligence?

Before an investor pays cash for a real estate note, they perform what is called “due diligence.” This is really just a fancy word for research. You can simplify the process by being prepared for these common note investor requirements. When an investor makes an offer to purchase a note, mortgage, deed of trust, or real estate contract, it is subject to underwriting and due diligence. This … [Read more...]

Top 21 Reasons For Selling Mortgage Notes and Trust Deeds

When it comes to selling mortgage notes, people have many different needs and reasons to sell compared to others. Whatever the reason that you want to sell your mortgage note, you definitely have some options. In addition to private buyers and consultants, there are a variety of financial institutions that are eager to buy your mortgage note. Here at Cailey Capital, we work with numerous funding … [Read more...]

The Key Players When Buying Or Selling Notes

Whether buying or selling notes, understanding the participants in a seller financed note transaction makes for profitable relationships. Here are the five key players along with some standard industry terminology. Seller – Note Holder - Payee When a property seller accepts payments from the buyer over time using owner financing, they also become the note seller, note holder, or payee. The … [Read more...]